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This body of work arose from a desire to create a place for questions about the ways we see and comprehend time. During my research and art making, I found that the very vision, or mode of image making I use, is fundamental to my work; the camera and its by-product image, represent an inseparable mechanised view.

The resultant differences between the ‘time’ the camera sees and records, and what the human eye sees, can be quite revelatory, but also strange and possibly misleading. On the one hand, the photograph offers a super reality, a kind of enhanced vision; while on the other hand, it is a fabrication, an illusion, a compression of time and light.

Accordingly, in this project I have set about to exploit the language of the camera. I produce imagery that is augmented or increased, drawn to the edge of vision, cropped, boxed and flattened. Not only do I pose questions about the perception of time, but also about the visible world around us.


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